EC: Ethyl Cellulose

Ethyl Cellulose can be used in the food and feed industry, as an emulsifier and controlled-release agent.

EC (Ethyl Cellulose) is permitted to be used as a food additive for use within the European Union. Its unique identification code (E-number) is E462.

Technical specification

Item N grade
Ethoxy (WT%) 47.5-49.5
Viscosity (mPa.s) (5% solution, 20) 4, 7, 10, 20, 45, 100
Loss on drying (%) ≤3.0
Chloride (%) <0.1
Residue on ignition (%) ≤0.4
Heavy metals (ppm) ≤20
Arsenic (ppm) ≤3

Packing: 12.5kg bags with PE inner, 600kg pallet, 6MT. in 20"FT FCL.

Application suggestions

Headcel product Viscosity (5% toluene ethanol solution, 25˚C) Animal Feed Flavours
Headcel EC N4 4 b b
Headcel EC N7 7 b b
Headcel EC N10 10 b b
Headcel EC N20 20 b b
Headcel EC N45 45 b  
Headcel EC N100 100 b